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Membership Dues

Each membership comes with 1 vote and 1 share in our cooperative.

Our cooperative strongly relies on the support of our members for the funding of our cooperative communities, educational hubs, and Co-U Academy. We believe in cooperative ownership, and to strengthen our Democratic Alliance every member is a shared owner in our cooperative and reap the benefits of being a UtA Co-op erative member by everyone sharing in the services and profits of our cooperative. Your investment will go a long way in developing our communities.

As a member-owner you receive a portion of our profits in the form of patronage refunds and or distributions, by way of a one-time Initial Capital Investment which is automatically included in your first membership payment. The fact that you are also an owner in our shared cooperative is very important to us and comes with specific owner responsibilities. For a full break-down of your owner responsibilities and membership click on our Community tab and navigate to Member-owner Hub in Main Menu above. Our Cooperative Bylaws, Operations, and other materials are transparent. You can find them on our website.


Univer-Individual Membership | $10.00 a Month

Individual Membership is the perfect way to access our community and join our network to get to know other like minded people and professionals. UtA is a cooperative society with an embedded consumer | education platform, as a member you have access to our social media hubs. On UtAchat you can uni-post (like twitter), blog-post, advertise/market, and photo-blog (instagram). You will have access to our internal private social forum and channel platform. This membership into our association comes with 1 vote and 1 share in which your signature will be required.


Nihil-Cooperative Membership | $15.00 a Month

Nihil-Cooperative Membership into UtA is a direct participation role. When you investment in UtA, you get access to our community chatroom, forum, and democratic organizational platform. This membership into our association comes with 1 vote and 1 share in which your signature will be required. In strengthening your role in your co-op, we in return strengthen our investment in you, we offer your professional services on our website and promote your abilities within our community enabling your access to more business opportunities, development, and support.

Associate Class

Uni-Associate Membership | $25.00 a Month

Uni-Associate Membership into UtA is designed, managed, and operates in accordance with our key shared business and educational objectives within UtA. Your Uni-Associate Program also shares objectives in our global community and in offering our services and resources outside our co-op community. Uni members get leadership access to our community chatroom, forum, an association email, and our organizational business platform As a Uni-member you are considered a co-op direct participate and direct management participate, fostering and caring for want we call our “Democratic Alliance”. Membership comes with 1 vote | 1 share.