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Our Cooperative Goals, Objectives, Services

Become a Team-Member. Member-workers enjoy the same 1 Vote, 1 Share governance as our member-owners. Our shared cooperative policies and objectives are the same for our contractor-members, worker-members, and member-owners. 

Chat Integration

Our social platform team consist of four mini-teams and four components, UtAChat is one of them.

This is the heart of our culture platform for members. This is a private chat for members only and is not meant to replace a more public platform like Twitter for the general public.

Our UtA platform demographics and aim consist of non-worshippers, intelliologist, and nihilist alike.

Channel Integration

UtA Social Channel is a learning and collaboration platform.

Our social channels are grouped into conversational forums and chats. This platform is meant to develop and generate ideas, projects, books, podcast, conferences, and debates. Our social channels are directly linked to our learning network center.

Forum Integration

UtA Forums is another extension of our learning and education network. It’s core focus is geared for business professionals to collaborate.

Our forums act as a how to and a Q&A center. Forums are used publicly and privately, like some channels, and here our UtA team mentor and develop integration into our meeting, showtime, and backstage platforms.

Town Halls & Walls Integration

UtA Town Halls and walls are used to communicate service needs, meetings, upcoming seminars, podcast, conferences and learning networks, along with Co-operation among Co-operatives networking.

UtA Town Halls and Walls  is the place to build a team.

Breakdown Coming Soon.

UtA Learning Network is a learning and educational center, consisting of online podcasts, conferences, seminars, events, and a long-term goal, our major project, UtA Learning Network; Online Television program.

Breakdown Coming Soon.

UtA Education Network Center is an online home-schooling academy and an online adult continuous education academy. The academy consists of K-12 level home-schooling courses and curriculums, a UtA online library, and home-schooling publications and books. The adult academy consists of continuous education curriculums and courses. In the future, a UtA Education Centers for lab and hands-on applications.

Breakdown Coming Soon.

UtA Cooperative Communities consist of Cooperative Commercial Sustainable Organic and Vertical Farming, Sustainable Forestry, Tiny House & Tiny Mansion Complexes, Warehouse Studio Loft Complexes, and Container Complexes for members and non-worshippers to live in areas in which a community exist. Example, China town in S.F. or Little Italy in N.Y., and many other examples.

Members creating other cooperative businesses in the community area is also desirable. Examples, a Cooperative Construction Company, a Cooperative Couture Clothing Company, and/or a Cooperative Products & Design Company.

Our communities are formed by chapter building here at our UtA Cooperative Society. Chapters are community building networks and our chapters are formed by state; one community area per state with possible expansion and purchases.

It might be small at first, but together we can build.

Breakdown Coming Soon.

UtA Cooperative Blockchain integration consists of using blockchain technology in our communities and businesses. UtA Blockchain also consists of three cryptocurrencies. One, a private cooperative community currency, two a private Swiss cooperative member currency, and three a UtA publicly traded currency. Three currencies are essential for management and for the financial health of the community.

Breakdown Coming Soon.

UtA Cooperative Foundation is a non-profit international cooperative for the betterment of non-worshippers worldwide. UtA international will be our international network and hub.