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UtA Community Board

Perferred Shareholder

Investing in UtA

Democratic Alliance

You will be a UtA Co-oper for the betterment of intelliological professionals worldwide.


You will be furthering our reach and spread nihil-cultural  understanding, the nihil-culture you have grown to love.

Philosophical Culture

Nihilism and Univernaturalism platform for individuals seeking collaboration in intelliological thought and development.


Why become a Preferred Stock Shareholder?

Your investment of $100.00 will come with all the listed benefits here.

Funding our community as a preferred stockholder is another way to foster our learning network and intelliology programs, for writers, podcasters, and thinkers who are always in need of funding to get noticed, published and/or their work started.

The entire investment can be broken down into $25.00 or $50.00 dollar increments. 

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Dividend Distribution

As a shareholder, you will receive an annual dividend proportional-to-capital. investment when the Board of Directors declare a dividend, after the close of the Co-op’s fiscal year.

Shareholder Platform

You will have your own shareholder channel and platform to collaborate with other shareholders and share-members. Newsletter and updates.


Discount on Share-member services at the disquisition of share-members.

Elections & Nominations Committee

Board of Directors Elections 2019-2020

Elections Coming soon…


For an overview of the Election process please see the UtA Nominating & Voting Manual.

Communications Committee

FYI News & Information

News Coming soon…


For all upcoming member information login to your UtA Town Hall & Walls.

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