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an intelliologist.

We are a cooperative society of intelliologist, so, what is an intelliologist?


An agent of thought. Experimental thought. A studier of nature, uninature, life, and existence.

– related to intellectualist and philosopher


The study of thought, mind, nature, uninature, life, existence, sociology, and species. The Alchemy of intelliology; understanding one’s mind, mentalities, mental makeup, and mental wavelength, for our self-development; and understanding the what, when, where, who, and the how of things.

– related to intellectualism and philosophy

intelliology quotes.

Believing in nothing, is still believing in something. – Nonelilian

One must understand the what, when, where, who, and the how of things. Otherwise they know nothing. – Nonelilian

Nihilism is the study of the design of life. – Nonelilian

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