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About Membership

Joining UtA is the best experience, living a intelliological movement.

Membership into UtA is open to individuals who subscribe to nihilism, univernaturalism, and or have an interest in intelliology in general. UtA accepts individuals and businesses who are providing services to a cooperative or affiliated with a cooperative, and/or engaged in the furtherance of cooperative principals. Membership is focused on the non-worshiper community worldwide, but membership is open to those who seek to collaborate within the nihil-culture. UtA cooperative is for the welfare of our members and we strive to empower our members in their respective communities and beyond by establishing economic, social, and cultural regeneration.




Democratic Alliance

UtA is a democratic controlled, one member one vote business. This means every member is invested in our shared coopertive. We are also operated and managed by our members.


UtA Channel Platform

One key component to our cooperative is our UtA channel. Our shared channel is our platform for personal social share and platform for thought provoking ideas and discussion. Peer to peer collaborations. Let’s talk.

UtA Forums

Communication is the key. Our forums are for collaborations and in-depth intelliological discussions. Our forums create opportunities for members to collaborate and network on projects.

Town Halls & Walls

UtA jobs and prospect gigs. Need help and need to build a team. Need to post an opportunity. Town Halls and walls are used to communicate needs, meeting, coming seminars and learning networks.


UtA Learning Network

What is the UtA Learning Network. We create and administer online seminars, learning channels like YouTube, and podcast discussions. We also provide general information and publications to all our members.


Smart Support

UtA hosts professional members on our services page of our website for marketing to other cooperatives and businesses. We work as a team on projects, bid on projects collectively, and market each others services.


UtA Education

UtA Education Cooperative, home-schooling program, courses, materials, access to home schooling services, college course materials, and continual education and development services. UtA Conferences and adult career training opportunities.

Global community & Culture

A major part of UtA is our culture, our nihil, our non-worshipper dark-side, our dark poet, we intend on exporting it. Our community includes fostering sustainable economical communities, including living, farming, and education hubs and network centers.